R. Hart

Obituary of R. Gregory Hart

      Webster:  Sunday, January 21, 2024. Passed peacefully after his beloved wife, Maryrose sat with him and listened to the music that they danced to when he was young.  Their 20 year age gap was always a topic of conversation with his 4 youngest kids, and being the stubborn old bugger that he was, he lived a long life to enjoy her company and was just shy of 90 when he passed away.  Over the past few years, his vices faded, but those who knew Gregg can picture him with a cigar in his mouth. With a flick of his wrist, a giant ash would fall into the antique gold ashtray.  He passed along his love for the Buffalo Bills to his kids, and "Wide Right" will continue to haunt us to this day.  (That wasn't funny, Dad.) 


      What most people don't know about Gregg is that he had a need to help the downtrodden and the poor.  Growing up during the depression, he saw his own family struggle, and that stayed with him for most of his life.  Whether it was donating food to the churches, (or to our Mom's horror,) picking up hitchhikers and helping them make it to their destination, he always had a hand out.  (And there were always 100 rolls of toilet paper under the bed, just in case.)


      Gregg went to Corpus Christi and his greatest pride was working at Star Market to afford to be a graduate of the class of 1952 at Aquinas.  He spent his career at Marine Midland Bank, and lived his retirement years on his adding machine running the family's finances, and that sound haunts us to this day. 


      Gregg is predeceased by his son, Richard Hart.  He is survived by his amazing wife, Maryrose, and his 8 children;  Michelle, Paul (Becky), Jennifer (Dan) and Mary Hart, as well as Steven Hart, Lorry Richmond, Lisa Davis, and Michael Hart.  He was loved by 3 of his most recent grandchildren- Keagan, Owen, and Rhonan.  He is also survived by Ethan Geska, who has been by our family's side until the end.


      If you happen to be out on a clear night, pour a Bourbon and light that cigar, because those are the moments that you will remember in the end. 

      Gregg’s memory will be honored as a part of Sunday Mass on June 9, 2024, 8:30 AM, at Holy Trinity Church, 1460 Ridge Rd., Webster.

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