Our Facilities

                The Willard Scott Funeral Home is located in the heart of the village of Webster, near the corner of Route 250 (South Avenue) and Main Street. It is easily accessible from Routes 104 and 590.

                In our spacious home we are able to meet your expectations when it comes to choosing the appropriate room for the arrangements you wish to make. With multiple rooms we are able to offer spaces that will comfortably accommodate a large crowd or an intimate gathering. All are in a setting of warmth and comfort.

                We also keep the children who attend services in mind. There is a special room set aside for their use, if needed, which includes comfortable furniture, a television, DVD's and books.

               We hope you will find our staff to be warm, helpful, and knowledgeable. Visitors will receive assistance in parking their cars and a helping hand will be offered to those who may need assistance entering our funeral home. An enclosed ramp also shelters our visitors from the elements and makes our home handicapped accessible as well.