Why Pre-Plan a Funeral?

Though death is a part of life, it is an event, a time,  a happening in our lives that sometimes we wish we didn't have to deal with.  Knowing that it can bring sorrow, strong, gut wrenching emotion, and a variety of other emotions, we often put thinking about death and funerals on the way back burner of our thoughts.

Pre-Planning is a service we provide which gives you the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a funeral in advance. There is no charge for this type of consultation. Pre-planning can be a positive experience for an individual and his/her loved ones. The person for whom the funeral is being planned, along with their family members, have an opportunity to express their feelings and wishes about arrangements. This process can provide peace of mind to everyone involved.

Pragmatically, Pre-Planning a funeral allows you to compile information about a funeral (death certificate info, obituary info, cemetery info, veterans info, type of funeral and funeral items) ahead of time and be stored in a safe place to be retrieved when needed. Pre-payment of a funeral can also be done, but is not a prerequisite of Pre-Planning.