Funeral Service Options

Composing a Meaningful Service

            The purpose of a funeral or memorial service is to remember and acknowledge a life that has been lived, to celebrate with family and friends our loved one’s life, and to begin a journey of hope for the future. It is our intent to work with you to help create the type of funeral or memorial service that would be meaningful to you and your family.

                Though there are 3 main types of services, Traditional, Cremation and Direct Disposition, they can all be tailored to meet your specific needs.  Along with the 3 main categories of "at need" services, we also provide Funeral Pre-Planning, and there is no cost for this service.

Traditional Funeral Services

                This type of service involves a time of visitation, often known as calling hours, at the funeral home. The casket may be open or closed, and usually a 2 to 4 hour time period is provided for family and friends to come in, visit, and share memories. On the following day a funeral service is held at the funeral home or at a place of worship. Burial at the cemetery is the final element of the traditional funeral service. At the gravesite, typically a pastor will do a committal service, which includes several prayers and/or readings. Sometimes the family will meet with friends after the burial at a restaurant or gathering hall for refreshments or lunch.

                Please note, that although these are the elements of a typical Traditional Funeral Service, we are happy to accommodate any variations that reflect the needs and wishes of family members.

Cremation Services

                There are a variety of ways that we can handle a cremation and we will work with you to meet your needs and wishes. Services can range form the body being present in a casket with calling hours and a funeral, followed by cremation, to Memorial calling and service (body not present), to a Memorial service only.  Direct Cremation is also available with no visitation of memorial services.

Graveside Services

                Visiting the gravesite can give family and friends a peaceful, reflective time for remembering their loved one. Attending the graveside service may provide a sense of closure, and the presence of others often lends support to the family members who are deeply saddened at this time.

                At the cemetery a brief service, called the committal service, is often held which can consist of short readings, poems, etc. and concludes with a prayer. Sometimes flowers are also distributed to those present to keep as a remembrance or to be placed on the grave. For veterans, an honor guard may be requested.  The Honor Guard would fold and present the American flag to the next of kin and play Taps with a bugle.  Sometimes, a firing detail may be present for a 21 gun salute.

                Following the Committal service and/or military service, the family may choose to stay for the actual lowering of the casket into the grave.  Whether the family chooses to stay for the lowering of the casket, or not, the funeral director will stay to supervise the lowering of the casket into the vault and the placement of the vault lid.

Direct Dispositions

                Much as it sounds, these services would be limited to a direct cremation or burial with no formal services such as calling hours, funeral service or graveside service. Direct disposition takes care of the legal requirements for final disposition. We will assist you in taking care of the proper paperwork for direct disposition.

Funeral Pre-Planning

                Funeral Pre-Planning gives you the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a funeral in advance. There is no charge for this type of consultation. Pre-planning can be a positive experience for an individual and his/her loved ones. The person for whom the funeral is being planned, along with their family members, have an opportunity to express their feelings and wishes about arrangements. This process can provide peace of mind to everyone involved.